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Structural Repairs

What is wrong with the building?

Years of contact with mud and surface water has caused the timber rim board and under floor (TGI) joists along one length of the building to rot, making the building unstable.

History of events so far
9th Feb – Chair informed of rot issue and building movement.

 11th Feb – Structural engineer visits and recommends digging trial holes to expose underside of building/rotten timbers/joists.

 14th Feb – trial holes dug as requested by structural engineer and extensive rot revealed throughout building.

 17th Feb – Structural engineer revisited and declared the building unsafe for children and staff to enter.

 20th Feb – Building stabilized to prevent further movement. Respective areas cordoned off.
21st/22nd Feb -School confirmed blue room for Playgroup use. All parents contacted.

3rd March -Emergency parent meeting held at Village Hall.

 6th March -Homelodge  ( Original Builder ) suggest a structural engineer produces a sequence of works in order to tender for a viable ‘fix’ to the building.

Week commencing 23rd March – detailed structural survey taking place to initiate sequence of works.

Tender sent out and Quotes received.

Evans Preservation Quote accepted and work starts 19/06/15


Monday 7th September we re-opened our playgroup building .  Its wonderful to be back and the children are happy and settled.


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