We are hoping to re-start the Toddler group in January 2022

Parent and Toddler Groups are informal sessions run by a parent from the playgroup.  They usually involve free play with a story, sing-a-long and arts and crafts.  They provide a meeting place for mums, dads, grandparents and carers with babies and small children to relax and chat together while their children play.


Ultimately parent and toddler groups make a great contribution to life and the community.  They offer opportunities for friendship, support, learning and fun. 


At Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers, Our aim is to bring to the families:


  • A safe and happy environment for children to play, learn and interact.

  • A welcoming place for all parents and carers to make friends and feel supported - a place of trust and safety.

  • A listening ear - it can offer a lifeline to families in crisis and support for parents having a tough time or who are just dealing with the ongoing demands of young children.

  • The basis for developing long-lasting relationships for young families looking for friendship and support.

  • The starting point for going forward, maybe branching out into parenting groups and other supportive courses, which offer a surrogate , or extended, family to parents, carers and children who attend.

  • Please feel free to pop in, we are all very friendly and would love to meet you.

Jodie Wright - Toddler Group representative

£2.50 per child

price includes a snack for the child and a cup of tea/coffee for the adult and lots of adult conversation! 😊



Fundraising Events

We are a charity, and are always looking for fabulous ways to raise money for our Playgroup.