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Fundraising Events




Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers is a Charity and is run by a committee of volunteers. The committee is an important and essential part of the life of the playgroup and is made up of parents who wish  contribute to the running of the playgroup.

Preschools receive very little public funding. We rely on fees and fundraising to provide all the wonderful activities. Fund raising is necessary to provide essentials for the playgroup and those extras, such as the Christmas Party, Graduation Day, new equipment, books, toys, staff training, supplies for Christmas, Easter and special project activities.

With the major structural works completed at our Playgroup in 2015, it wiped out 17 years of funds raised and even more. Fundraising is more important than ever now, to help get us back on track so if you can help us then please do, we are always looking at different ways to secure the future of our Playgroup. 

There are many way for us to raise money,  cake sales, fetes, sponsored marathons the list is endless, please speak to our committee if you feel you can help.


You can also make donations,  either via cheque or bacs payable to Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers.  

Funds can be raised through the Easyfundraising App. They are very easy to use and don't cost anything to do so. So if you do a lot of online shopping please think of us and use these apps to help us to raise funds.


Fundraising Events - 2022

Easter Hampers - April 

Stall at Hempsted C of E Primary School - June

Wreath Making - December 

Christmas Hampers - December 

Photos - December 


Leavers photos - July


Christmas wreath making - December

Christmas Hampers - December


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