Fundraising Events


Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers is a Charity and is run by a committee of volunteers. The committee is an important and essential part of the life of the playgroup and is made up of parents who wish to contribute to the running of the playgroup.

Preschools receive very little public funding. We rely on fees and fundraising to provide all the wonderful activities. Fund raising is necessary to provide essentials for the playgroup and those extras, such as the Christmas Party, new equipment, books, toys, staff training, supplies for Christmas, Easter and special project activities.

We have recently had to have major structural works completed at our Playgroup wiping out 17years of funds raised and even more. Fundraising is more important than ever now, to help get us back on track.  

There are many way for us to raise money,  cake sales, fetes, sponsored marathons the list is endless, please speak to our committee if you feel you can help.


You can also make donations,  either via cheque or bacs payable to Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers.  

We also get commission from the Yellow Moon catalogues and Easyfundraising Ap.

Fundraising schedule



Event                                                                                        Money Raised

Summer adult only Disco.                                                          £350

Private party donation.                                                               £100

Clothes collection July '15.                                                         £60

Tomato plant sales.                                                                      £30

13th October - teddy bears picnic in the afternoon.               £100

Autumn fair.                                                                                  £238

Clothes collection is 10th dec.                                                   £40

Stay 'n' Play xmas party.                                                             £110


                                                                                           Total - £1,028



20p Challenge.                                                                             £179

Janes Pamper Evening.                                                               £425

Easter Fete.                                                                                   £351

Stay 'n' Play Easter Party                                                           £62.15

Queen's Birthday celebrations.                                                 £203

Clothes collection July.                                                              £88

Asda tokens.                                                                                £500

Future Fundraising Events

Stay 'n' Play Summer Party.                                        

Outdoor cinema.

Race Night

Ceramics Tuesday Stay 'n' Play

Toddle Woddle

Summer Fete


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