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Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers
Student Placement Policy


This setting recognises that qualifications and training make an important contribution to the quality of the care and education provided by early year’s settings.

We offer placements to students undertaking early year’s qualifications and training, and we also offer work experience placements for school children. 


For students on placement with us we aim to provide experiences that contribute to the successful completion of their studies and that provide examples of quality practice in early years care and education.


We require students to meet the ‘suitable person’ requirements of Ofsted.

We require schools placing students under the age of 17 years with the setting to vouch for their good character.

We supervise students under the age of 17 years at all times and do not allow them to have unsupervised access with the children.

Students who are placed in our setting on a short term basis are not counted in our staffing ratios.

Trainee staff employed by the setting may be included in the ratios if they are deemed to be competent.

We take out employers liability insurance and public liability insurance, which covers both trainees and voluntary helpers.

We require students to keep to our confidentiality policy.

We co-operate with students tutors in order to help students to fulfil the requirements of their course of study.

We provide students, at the first session of their placement, with an induction on how our setting is managed, safeguarding procedures, how our sessions are organised and our policies and procedures.

We communicate a positive message to students about the value of qualifications and training.

We make the needs of the children paramount by not admitting students in numbers that hinder the essential work of the setting.

We ensure that trainees and students placed with us are engaged in bona fide early years training, which provides the necessary background understanding of children’s development and activities.



Reviewed September 2023

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