Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers

                                                           Information and Communication Technology Policy (ICT)


At Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers we understand that we live in a rapidly changing technological world where technologies are constantly expanding. We believe children need to be introduced to ICT from an early age in order for them to develop the appropriate skills they will need to fully access the Early Years Foundation Stage and beyond.

Guidance for use by children:

We aim to promote the use of ICT:

To enable all children to:

·       Build on their experiences from home

·       Develop practical skills needed to access ICT

·       Enjoy ICT and use it with confidence

·       Understand that equipment needs to be handled with care and respect

To ensure all children can:

·       Listen to and understand instructions

·       Use ICT as a tool for collaborative decision making and conversation

·       Problem solve and think logically to complete tasks

To enable staff to:

·       Improve teaching in order to promote children’s learning

·       Improve their own professional development and confidence in the use of ICT

   To enable parents to:

·       Improve their confidence in the use of ICT in order to support their children’s learning.


·       The setting will work in partnership with parents and the Internet Service Provider to ensure systems to protect children are                   reviewed and improved for safe use at all times.

·       Children will be monitored and supervised appropriately at all times whilst accessing the internet.

·       Only those children who have received written permission from parents/carers will be able to access information via the Internet.

·       Senior staff will ensure that regular checks are made to ensure that the filtering methods in place are effective.

·       Virus protection will be installed and updated regularly.




·       We regularly take photographs of children to use in their learning journey folders, planning folders and displays.

·       Photographs of children will only be taken on the settings cameras including playgroups mobile phone. Personal cameras are                prohibited at all times, this includes cameras on personal mobile phones.

·       Playgroups mobile phone will only be used onsite and stored securely onsite unless we are on an outing or in an emergency such          as a fire evacuation for contacting emergency contacts.

·       E-mailing photographs is prohibited.

·       At no point should a camera be taken into a nappy changing/ toilet area.

·       We are sensitive to any cultural issues of which we need to be aware when taking photographs of children.

·       If a child does not want their photograph taken, staff will respect the child’s view and not question them.

·       Parents permission will be sought to photograph their child when on the premises and during outings.

·       Photographs will only be printed off on the settings printer, and no other copies are kept.

·       Photos will be removed from playgroups laptop at the end of each term and stored on a memory card. This is for the use of                      pictures for planning, files, and events such as graduation only.

·       Memory cards with stored photo will be kept in a secure cupboard on the playgroup site.

·       All photos stored on the memory card will be removed at the end of the academic year.

·       Photographs of children will only be taken in open plan areas of the setting and in full view of other members of staff.

·       Under no circumstances will photographs be circulated outside the setting.

·       If any photographs are used for promotional purposes or posted on the settings website, express permission will be sought in                writing from parents/ carers.

·       We will not share photographic files with anyone outside the setting, except other professionals.



Personal Mobile telephones are not permitted inside the main playgroup building and must only be used and kept in the office. This applies to all who enter the building whilst children are present. Playgroups phone and mobile phone may be used within the main playgroup building.




Reviewed September 2021