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Personal Websites, Weblogs and Social Networking Sites Policy

Hempsted Playgroup recognises that many employees, parents and carers use the internet for personal purposes and may participate in social networking on websites, or the setting up of ‘blogs’ on the internet. 

Whilst employees, parents and carers are free to use the internet in this way they must ensure that they do not :

  • Breach the law or disclose Hempsted Playgroup’s confidential information

  • Defame the playgroup, it’s users or employees

  • Disclose personal data or information about any individual that could breach the Data Protection Act 1998 and Hempsted Playgroup’s Confidentiality policy

and they must  

  • keep completely confidential any information regarding the children, their families or other staff which is learned through the playgroup.

The internet is a fast moving technology and it is impossible to cover all circumstances. However, the principles set out in this policy should always be followed. 

Social Networking Sites  

The open nature of these sites means it is possible for third parties to access information.  It is not appropriate to share work related information whether written or pictorial in this way. 

This information includes photographs, videos or comments.  Adherence must be made to Hempsted Playgroup’s Confidentiality policy and ICT policy and Child Protection policy.

Under no circumstances should comment be made about Playgroup staff, committee or parents on the internet. 

For staff this could result in disciplinary action being taken. 

If staff wish to raise concerns about the playgroup they should follow the Whistle blowing policy, whilst parents should follow the correct complaints procedure as detailed within these policy documents. 

Websites and Blogs 

Hempsted Playgroup does not encourage employees to write about their work in any way. If individuals choose to do so they should follow the guidelines below 

  • No information must be disclosed that is confidential to the playgroup

  • If individuals, choose to write about their work or experience of playgroup without naming the group it may still be possible for people to work out the identity of those involved

  • It is not acceptable to use a weblog as a forum for criticism.

  • Employees with complaints should use the playgroups whistle blowing policy or grievance procedure, and parents/carers should refer to the complaints procedure.

Disciplinary Action 

If necessary, action will be taken against any employee, parent or carer who is found to have breached this policy.  Employees should also refer to the disciplinary policy. 

Personal use of the internet

Hempsted Playgroup does not allow personal use of the internet during session times

Reviewed August 2019

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