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Wow Vouchers


Hempsted Playgroup celebrate the brilliant “WOW” Vouchers.


These are a fantastic way for your child to share their “Wow Moments”.

“Wow” Voucher’s  can be achieved  for eg.   Staying Dry day or night,  Being Very Helpful,  Trying New Foods, Being Kind, Having Great Manners, Doing Something Very Clever or Adventurous or Brave.  In fact anyway that makes you think “WOW” 


As you know children thrive on praise, and the vouchers are an excellent way to show them how proud you are.

Please ask your child to colour in the “WOW” and you can complete the voucher.  Then send it in to Playgroup and your child can show their voucher at Circle Time, it will be put on display for all to see.  If you can not download the Wow Voucher,  you can make your own, even more special. 

Eventually it will end up in your child’s folder for you to keep.

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