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Late and Non collection of Children Policy


Playgroup sessions are:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 09.00-3.00pm
Tuesday 9.00-12.00pm



If a parent is expected to be late, a telephone call should be made to the playgroup as soon as possible, explaining what time they will be collecting their child.

This ensures that 2 members of staff will be available to stay with the child.

If the parent has arranged for somebody else to collect their child, they should let the playleader know at the time of the telephone call, following the procedure set out in the Health and Safety Policy, for the child’s safety.



If a parent is consistently late, when collecting their child, they will be given a letter explaining that the lateness has been noticed and documented.


If at the end of a playgroup session, we have not heard from the parent/carer of an un-collected child to inform us that they will be late, the play leader will endeavour to contact the parent, using the telephone numbers from the registration forms, and will also inform the Chair of the committee.


If at 12.15pm, or 3.15pm, the play leader has failed to contact the parents/ carers, or other nominated family or friends, as stated on the registration form, the Chair will contact the police and the duty officer at Social Services.


Contact the Children and Young Peoples Directorate social work team.
Tel 01452 58 3636


For out of hours social work advice contact the Emergency Duty Team on 01452 614 194


At 12.45pm, or 3.45pm, the Chair, Police, and Duty Officer will make a decision on the custody of the child.




Reviewed August 2019


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