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Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers

Parents as Partners Policy




At Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers we understand the importance of working in partnership with parents.

A trusting, warm and respectful relationship between key worker and parents begins with the initial contact meeting, and it is crucial that, from the start, parents understand that staff value their knowledge and understanding of their child.

With a two-way flow of communication to meet the child’s needs, we can achieve the best possible learning outcome.

In the EYFS, working in partnership with parents is a key principle of effective practice, 'Parents, Families and Practitioners working together to benefit children".

With COVID-19 restrictions eased/lifted in early years settings, we understand that some parents may still be unsure as to whether they feel comfortable to return to how things were. We will ensure that they will be able to communicate with us in a way that enables them to feel safe and reassured. 



  • We welcome and value all our parents and children.

  • We recognise the important role of parents and the expertise that parents and staff bring and, together, we can enhance the child’s learning.

  • To have in place clear systems for ongoing dialogue based on a two-way flow of communication, informal / formal conversations at the beginning/end of the day, during the settling-in period and e-mail. Anything that is discussed, regarding any changes, must be followed up in writing/email to the playgroup for our records.

       Confidentiality and privacy is upheld (Confidentiality Policy).

  • To make sure information is accessible to all parents, e.g. parents with EAL.

  • We provide information (and information about the EYFS curriculum) through email, our website and our notice board.

  • Before the children start, we obtain relevant admission forms. We ensure all the information is kept up to date and secure.. (Admission, Confidentiality and GDPR policy)

  • We ask parents to complete an 'All About Me' sheet to provide information about their child, this provides us with relevant information to make an initial assessment on how we are going to help with their child’s transition into Playgroup.

  • We operate a key-person approach to establish close relationships with the parent and child, talking openly with parents to meet the needs of the child (Settling in policy) and to pass on information about home, new interests or share concerns.

  • We actively seek parental contributions to the assessment process, including contributions to the child’s learning journey, which we send home once a term to build up a picture of what the child is learning. We also encourage parents to take part in the WOW Voucher system.

  • We report progress and children’s achievements throughout their time with us: In the Autumn term we have an informal visiting session when parents are welcome to come and talk and share their children’s work and experiences with us.This also provides an opportunity to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

  • We welcome parents to volunteer in the setting, ‘stay and play’.This is a wonderful way to observe their child playing and interacting with the other children.It also provides a time for parents to talk to their child’s key person about their progress and view their work.

  • As a Charity, we encourage parents to become involved in our activities and events. Ensuring everyone feels welcome to participate and that all their ideas are valued and listened to. You can also become a 'friend' and attend our regular meetings or brain storming sessions, on ways we can raise funds for the playgroup. You will also be able to volunteer and participate in community events organised by the school or the church, representing playgroup.

  • We actively seek parental views. If a parent raises a concern or complaint, the complaint procedure is followed.

Reviewed August 2022

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