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Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers

Inclusion, Diversity and Equality Policy

Our playgroup welcomes families and individuals to our playgroup sessions. We believe that equality  and inclusion means being fair, respectful, encouraging positive attitudes and recognising the needs and identities of others. 

Promoting equality is vital to ensure that all children are able to access opportunities and support in their most influential years of learning, to develop and to help them grow in a positive environment.

Protected Characteristics:-

The Act also protects you if people in your life, like family members or friends, have a protected characteristic and you're treated unfairly because of that. This is called discrimination by association. For example, if you're discriminated against because your son is gay.

You are protected under the Equality Act 2010 from these types of discrimination. 

Each child/adult attending is valued as an individual without stereo-typing and encouraged to develop a positive self identity.

Children and their families are allocated a key person to work with the child, and help them settle in and form a close bond, so the child’s needs and interests are individually planned for. (See key person board in the playgroup entrance)

All children have a right to have their say about what affects them. Within our setting children are listened to, and their views are taken into account, and valued.

We work towards enabling both children and adults to value and respect all cultures and racial groups of every section of the community.

Children of both sexes are positively encouraged to participate in all activities. The equipment and activities reflect our multi- cultural society in a positive way.

Inappropriate attitudes and practices such as discriminatory remarks, whether made by children or adults will be challenged.

We do not discriminate against anybody with a disability, or special educational needs, or refuse a child entry to our playgroup because of any disability or special educational needs. They will be included, valued and supported, and reasonable adjustments will be made if needed.(SEND policy)

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCo) is Sharon Johnson.

Children have the right to grow up and learn in an environment free from prejudice, and without discrimination. Our playgroup is the starting point in each child’s journey towards self esteem and an understanding of others.

For families who have English as their second language, we value the contribution their culture and language offer. We have a range of multi cultural activities, some available in different languages. If any literature is requested to be in a different language, we will arrange this.

We are committed to working with parents and other agencies.

When appointing new members of staff or committee, applicants are considered regardless of their marital status, age, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, pregnancy, culture, religious belief, ethnic origin or disabilities.

By providing equality for all and encouraging, valuing, and managing diversity will help provide equal opportunities by attaining a representative workforce by treating people as individuals with different skills and abilities, offering fair and equal opportunities, to all.


Inclusive practice is shown throughout the whole setting and by all staff members. No direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, discrimination by association, discrimination by perception, harassment or victimisation will be tolerated.

Policies and practice are regularly reviewed, monitored and evaluated to ensure inclusive practices are being implemented effectively.


Reviewed August 2022


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