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Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers
Lost Child Policy


In the event of a child going missing, the following procedure must be followed.


  • Check the Attendance Register for the day to make sure the child arrived at playgroup.


  • The play leader will allocate a member of staff to make an initial search for the child (extra staff may be called in to maintain the correct staff ratio).


  • The allocated person will take the playgroup mobile phone on the search and any news reported back to the play leader ASAP.


  • The allocated person must search inside the playgroup, the outdoor play area and the school grounds.


  • While the initial search is taking place, the play leader will make enquiries as to who was the last person to see the child, what they were wearing, and the emotional state of the child (happy, sad etc).


  • The play leader is responsible for contacting the police and following their advice.


  • The play leader must inform the child’s parents/carers of the situation and ask them to return to play group, using the exact route they normally would in case the child is walking home.


  • The allocated member of staff must continue searching for the child until instructed otherwise.


  • If the child is still missing by the time the parents have arrived at play group, the parents should be asked to return home in case the child has turned up there.


  • Telephone lines should remain as free as possible


  • All activities and routines will continue as normal for the other children within the setting, and led by other staff members  who are not involved in the search.




Reviewed September 2022




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