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                                                                                     Hempsted Playgroup and Toddler

                                                                                            Nappy Changing Policy


Only staff members and the child’s own parent are permitted to change nappies. If a child who attends playgroup requires a nappy change, then the child’s key person is responsible for changing them in the first instance depending upon how the staff are deployed at the time.


Only staff with suitable DBS checks will undertake intimate care routines.

Nappy changing is performed in the adult bathroom on the changing area provided.

The bathroom door MUST be kept open at all times for child protection reasons.

ALL soiled nappies should be returned to the child’s parent at the end of the session, as disposal facilities are unfortunately not available at this setting.



  • Spray the changing mat with anti-bacterial spray and dry with paper towel

  • Place a clean nappy, baby wipes and nappy sack within easy reach

  • Wash hands with anti-bacterial soap

  • Put on a pair of disposable gloves and apron (aprons are worn on staff discretion)

  • Lie the child on the changing mat carefully, giving lots of reassurance to them

  • Remove the appropriate items of the child’s clothing

  • Remove the child’s soiled nappy

  • Clean the child using baby wipes (use wipes the parent has sent with the child. If none are available, use playgroup ones, but check child’s records first for details of allergies/ eczema etc), any cream provided by the parent, with instructions how to use, if prescribed, a medication form should be completed

  • Put the clean nappy on to the child and dress them

  • Lift the child off the changing area and give lots of praise

  • Place the soiled nappy, gloves and wipes into a nappy sack and tie

  • Spray and wipe the changing mat and apron with anti-bacterial spray.

  • Wash your hands with anti- bacterial soap and help the child to wash their hands, explaining to them why we need to wash our hands.

  • Return the dirty nappy to the parent at the end of the session 



Reviewed August 2023



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