Having fun in the outdoor area, climbing on the tyres and then jumping onto the logs.

Using all areas and surfaces for playing on. Whizzing the cars along the big table in threes!

Very proud of building a tower that doesn't fall down. 

Having fun in the outdoor area. Exploring the pirate boat.

Completing the shape/number puzzles.

Filling pots with pebbles, seeing how many will fit in and then emptying them out and listening to the sound they make.

Flat Stanley came to visit us from Class 3 at Hempsted Primary School.

He loved the outdoor area, especially the slide and the see-saw.

Off for a walk around the school. Looking at lots of different things in the environment. 

Taking time out to have a look at the books.

Wow look at all those letters and numbers. At circle-time we have been listening for the sounds in our names.

Showing off our muscles.

Building and balancing with the blocks and the dragon.