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With Special Thanks 

Over the 2023 summer holidays, we had an outdoor room built. This will provide an extra space to hold meetings with professionals, somewhere for parents to talk to us in private, staff will be able to use it for work and it will provide an extra space to use for the children to work in a quiet space when needed.

This was built for us by Darren Manley, Miles Johnson-Manley and Craig James.  They worked tirelessly throughout our lovely summer to erect the building.

Thank you to Ashley at Build It for putting up with me coming in with the order and for giving us the best discount price possible.

Thank you to Tyler Brown from Martindale Windows for installing the window and door for the building (free of charge).

Thank you to Kirsty Sim and father in-law for donating a Henry Hoover and lots of lovely cleaning products.

Lee Knight for sorting out the children 's toilets and taps.

We would like to say thank you. A big thank you to Tesco for giving us the funding to improve our garden. This funding allowed us to create a safe outdoor environment for the children. With this funding we got a new fence, as the old one way starting to rot. We also got artificial grass, planters and a sun shade. This has helped us out a lot! 

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