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Special Education Needs and Disability Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disability Providers must have arrangements in place to support children with SEN or disabilities. (statutory Framework for the EYFS 2014 3.67  

Designated practitioner (SENDCo):   Jane Knight

At Hempsted Playgroup and Toddlers all children are special. We treat all children with respect, recognising every child has individual needs.  The Playgroup has regard to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and will make all reasonable adjustments to the inclusion of all children and aims to ensure the best for each of them as individuals.  

What are special educational needs? 

Special educational needs are where a child has a learning difficulty or other need which requires special educational provision being made for them.

A child with a learning difficulty may have a disability which prevents or hinders them using educational facilities of a kind provided for children of the same age, or they may have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age.     

Special Educational Needs code of Practise 

At Hempsted Playgroup we work within the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 0-25 (2015). We follow the graduated approach of SEN support, My Plan and My Plan Plus. 

We aim to:

  • Identify a child with special educational needs as early as possible

  • Develop skills in identifying children requiring additional support and establish suitable programmes and plans to provide this support and learning opportunities

  • Adopt positive and consistent strategies to help children with behavioural difficulties and/or emotional problems

  • Affect a programme of support and referral that will enable all children to receive the help they need quickly and effectively

  • Inform Parents of the needs and progress of their child and to work in partnership with them.

  • Take into account the wishes of the child relevant to their age and development.



Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCO) and the role of other staff 

We have a Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCO) who is responsible for: -

  • The day to day operation of the SEN policy.

  • Liaising, advising and working closely with all members of staff.

  • Co-ordinating provision for the children with SEND.

  • Maintaining a SEND register and overseeing records on children with SEND, ensuring they are collected, recorded and updated.

  • Liaising with parents of children with SEND

  • Informing staff of changes, developments and new issues within SEND, giving advice and support.

  • Liaising with external agencies. 

All the staff at Hempsted Playgroup will have the opportunity to advance and update their knowledge, attending relevant training where necessary.  All staff are responsible for the learning and development of all children at the playgroup, including those with special needs.

The child’s key worker will use observation and assessment to assist in the identification of special needs. 

It is the responsibility of all staff to report to the SENDCO if a special need is identified or suspected.

The child’s key worker, SENDCO and parent’s will then work together to plan appropriate strategies following a graduated approach, and in accordance with the advice in Gloucestershire’s guidance booklet for professionals working with children and young people 0-25 with additional needs including SEND. Children’s  plans and my plan plus will be taken into account in the planning of activities to ensure inclusion for all.   


Will be kept when required on: -

  • Initial observations and discussions.

  • My Plan, My plan plus or Education, health and care plans.

  • Further observations, monitoring and reviews by all members of staff.

  • Parents will have access to these records at all times.

  • Confidentiality will be maintained at all times. 

  • Records will be kept up to date by the Child’s key worker and Playgroup SENDCO and made available to a child’s parents with regular reviews being held regularly with all concerned especially the parents.  

  • Parents in Partnership

The Playgroup will respect the views of the parents valuing their knowledge and experience of their children and the contribution they make. We recognise the importance of keeping parents informed at all times on any matter affecting their children and any areas of concern. We encourage parents to talk to us about any matters concerning their children. The staff and SENDCO will endeavour to work with parents to meet the individual needs of their children, to involve them and keep them informed on the progress of their child. 

Parents of children with SEND will be informed on: -

  • Hempsted Playgroup’s SEND policy.

  • Support available for their child within the setting and by the LEA.

  • Assessment and decision- making with a strong emphasis upon their contribution and involvement.

  • Records on their children. 


If any parent is dissatisfied with the Playgroups work on behalf of their child, they will be referred to the SENDCO for the situation to be reviewed and if necessary altered to better suit the child’s needs.  If concerns of the parents remain unresolved they should be directed towards the playgroup’s complaints procedures 


Inclusion of children with SEN/D

Hempsted Playgroup undertakes to ensure that each individual child has access to the full breadth of the Early Years foundation stage by the use of strategies such as flexible grouping of the children, adapting timetables where necessary and sharing resources and expertise where beneficial. Staff will support all children through the differentiation of both planned and unplanned activities.  Staff members will be flexible about organising and managing groups to increase the support available to children with special needs. 



Hempsted Playgroup recognises the need to provide the maximum amount of assistance for children with special needs and aim to provide specific aids to learning when appropriate and within the budgetary limitations of the group.  Sources of outside funding will be explored as appropriate.  The room organisation and layout will be reviewed to ensure access to resources is appropriate for all of the child’s needs.  Extra 1:1 support will be provided if necessary.   



Liaison with Outside Agencies

Hempsted Playgroup works with a number of outside agencies, obtaining advice and support.  Any discussion with outside agencies will take place with parental permission, and in accordance with the Playgroups confidentiality policy.  Any referral or involvement of outside agencies will only take place with parental permission unless the withholding of permission constitutes a child protection concern.  

Gifted and Talented policy 

If it is identified that a child has exceptional abilities in a certain area of their development then advice will be taken from the educational lead at Gloucestershire county council, in partnership with the child’s parents.  An IEP will be established to ensure that the playgroup is taking the appropriate steps to enable the child to maximise their potential and develop their talents and abilities to the full.  We will aim to provide opportunities that make learning enjoyable and enable children to develop their personalities, skills and abilities both intellectually and socially. 

Legal framework The Equality Act (2010) Children Act (1989) & (2004) Children and Families Act 2014


Monitoring and reviewing

So that our policies and procedures remain effective, we monitor and review them annually to ensure our strategies meets the overall aims to promote equality, inclusion and to value diversity.

We provide a complaints procedure and a complaints summary record for parents to see.






Reviewed August 2019

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